H.I.T.’s Group Training is renowned in Hong Kong. This is partly due to the exceptional reputation from our trainers. With a combined 20 years of group training between all our coaches, each one offers extensive knowledge in training people of all levels. From beginners up to professional-level rugby and even powerlifting athletes, everyone is welcome.

Our group training provides safe, progressive, educational and motivational sessions to keep you on track towards those goals. Whether you’re starting from day 1 or have experience, our classes are designed to challenge and transform both the mind and the body.

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We believe in starting with a ‘back to basics’ approach. This allows every client to master the core movements the body will undergo in any situation; the squat, the hip hinge, the press and the pull. We incorporate specific core strengthening and stability exercises to strengthen your core whilst offering spinal protection. Mobility work and cardiovascular programs are also included to create a well-rounded athlete, from the ground up.


All group fitness members will receive the H.I.T. Nutrition guidelines PDF to show them the importance of nutrition for reduced body fat, increased muscle gain, improved recovery and health!

You will also have extensive content to guide you through supplementation and diet secrets to keep this process as easy as possible for you.


If you’re part of our gym you’re part of the team! Community is a huge part of what makes our group training so successful and we value every member who steps through the H.I.T. doors. Regular progress updates with each client helps you stay motivated and on track. We also create monthly challenges where clients get the chance to compete for great prizes as well as client of the month. Our coaches are available on the exclusive H.I.T. Group Fitness Facebook group to answer all the questions you might have regarding diet, supplements, training, lifestyle and more.

HIT Personal Training
HIT Hong Kong
HIT Personal Training



Our ultimate strength training class. We program weekly progressive sets that will be tested throughout the program to help you with HIT’ing your strength targets. In this class, you will learn the technique and fundamentals of the “BIG 3” lifts and how to translate that into any training plan, sport or just life!


Functional circuit-style training for a comprehensive athletic program. We focus on the basic fundamentals that surround strength, speed, agility, plyometrics, stability, endurance, and stamina in a full-body workout to mentally and physically push you to your full potential. 


We know that burning fat is about burning up calories. It’s why this LIT class is programmed around burning as many calories as possible! Wear your fitness watch and get ready to go with our challenging circuit to see how much you can burn in just 45 minutes!
HIT Personal Training
HIT Hong Kong
HIT Personal Training


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Whether you prefer personal training or group training, our experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers are here to assist you to get the results you deserve. We're as passionate about helping you achieve your goals as you are witnessing your results, and this is exactly what sets our team of personal trainers and gym apart from the rest.


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HIT Hong Kong
HIT Personal Training


Results-focused Group and individual personal training sessions in Hong Kong.

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