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Get the best results, no matter where you are in the world.

1.How to get started

Click the link below to enter your details and goals. We will then send you a questionnaire for all details on your dietary preferences, workout preferences, habits, and lifestyle.

This is for us to analyze so we can begin structuring your online personal training plan. After this, we will schedule a video call with you to go through the plan and explain everything moving forward, including why this set up works specifically for you.

2.How to use the program

Based on your fitness level and goals, we will design a fully personalized online training program with specific workouts and training schedules with exercises, reps, sets, rest and notes included on each exercise. Each workout will come with a comprehensive video tutorial so you know how to perform every exercise correctly. 

3.How to check in

We include a tracker plan and check-in form that we expect the client to fill in by the end of the week, so that we can see a full table of data for that person and make the most appropriate changes needed. 

4.Getting the best out of it

During your online personal training program you have direct access to your trainer at all times, make sure you’re checking in with them on your bad days just as much as your good days so we can coach through the hard times and celebrate the good days with you!

We want you to come away learning as much as you can about HOW you managed to transform yourself and make the most out of your investment with HIT Personal Training.

Is Online Training for you?

Are you someone who’s committed to following a plan? Are you someone who’s looking for real and sustainable results rather than a quick fix? Or Are you someone who’s going to check-in on their bad days just as much as their good days? If so, then we want to work with you. If you’re looking for a real-life changing result, HIT PT is here for you…

What’s included in our online program?


Specific gym training programs with multiple phases


Tailored Meal plans and ongoing dietary tweaks


Supplementation protocol designed for the individual


24/7 Coaching and Guidance


Measurable results week to week


Cost effective and Flexible


Video tutorial exercises


50+ page PDF with info on training, supplements, recipes etc.


12 + 11 =

*None of our online training plans are one of the same, every plan goes through extensive set up and planning that are then subjected to on-going changes to suit the clients needs and achieve 100% the best results possible.

The Nutrition

We construct nutrition plans a little differently from what you would generally expect from an online training program… We start by asking you what you like to eat and don’t like to eat, before looking at how to integrate the foods you like into the fitness plan. After that, we look to layer in as much nutritionally dense food as we can while sticking to your caloric needs and fat loss and fitness expectation from this online program.

All nutrition plans are going to be different from what you normally eat, when you eat, how much water to drink, fiber intake etc. We also factor in when you’re going to be attending social events, client meetings or family events to adjust and guide you through them. To go further into this, we also include supplements that are specific to the needs of the client and how the diet reflects their goals.

The Training

Here at HIT PT, our online training programs are designed specifically for the client. We include everything you need from exercise selection to reps, rest, tempo, rest and even notes on each exercise. 

We include a video tutorial of each exercise with our training programs so you can see exactly how the exercise should be performed. Our training blocks are traditionally 4 weeks long each, but this will always be subject to change depending on the client’s results and feedback week to week as we go through. Whilst many of our programs are designed around specific gym equipment, we also have home workouts that can be completed without access to certain equipment. Furthermore, all the training from the weights, cardio, outside exercise, home workouts etc. are placed into a weekly schedule for you to plan out your week of fitness, so you know when to be training and when to be resting.

The Coaching

HIT PT online coaching program is like having your own personal trainer. After having access to all the video tutorials, we also encourage you to ask us any questions you may have. One of our trainers will respond to you as soon as possible. This feature is accessible 24/7 and no matter where you are – you have us responding to your needs! All our coaches are professionals in the industry, and now you have access to their knowledge with only a fraction of the price of in-person training.

HIT Online Training!

Get the best results no matter where you are in the world. Our trainers in Hong Kong will coach you through your fitness journey online so you can achieve your dream body.

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