HIT Personal Training Programs are brought to you by the individuals that have risen to the top of the fitness industry here in Hong Kong. Our goal was to create and design a personal training system in Hong Kong that is 100% client-proven and results-based.

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Our men’s and women’s personal training programs begin with an in-depth consultation with the client to fully understand their fitness goals, their struggles, and their current lifestyle habits. This is the first 50% of data collecting we do to start constructing your private training gym plan.


From our initial consultation, we then go through an extensive screening process that includes your movement capabilities, body fat levels, cardio capacity, training age, and even a full blood test with our partner physician for us to view your health panel. This is the final piece of information we need to construct your completed personalized men’s or women’s personal training plan.


We customize your diet to get the fastest results for you. This complements your specific training and cardio plan for your body and ensures you see progress. Our team all have an extensive background in nutrition, which helps our clients eat for their results safely and effectively. Every diet plan is created to center around the individual’s needs, intolerances, preferences, and lifestyle. It’s also specifically targeted at keeping your energy high while dieting and training simultaneously.


Each personal trainer at HIT Hong Kong will have regular body analysis and performance check-ins with their clients to see where they are at in their training progress. This includes daily WhatsApp messages, email updates, and once per week official check-ins.

Our weekly check-ins consist of a full-body fat analysis, body weight, and pictures update to represent the progress made over the previous week. This thorough procedure is here to ensure each client is on track and being supported with anything and everything they need to perform at their best.


If you have any questions about HIT men’s and women’s personal training or would like to book a trainer, feel free to get in touch with us by leaving us a message here or calling us at (+852) 2116 4637. You can also visit us at our fitness gym at 2/F, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong.  We are always happy to provide assistance and answer questions!  

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