Founder, CEO, Senior Trainer

James Campion

About Me

I’ve been a personal trainer both in person and online since 2013. I’ve helped hundreds of clients aheive results in body transformations, bodybuilding compeitions, weight loss, nutrition set up, performance and strength training. My primary focus is working with general population clientelle that struggle to hit their health and fitness goals with limited time available to them.

Areas of Expertise / Specialties

Body Transformation, Strength


Poliquin certified, ISI certified, Precision Nutrition certified, N1: Biomechanics, Nutrition and Program design certified, Clean Health Nutrition 1, 2 & 3 certified, Strength Training System 1, 2 Certified, Rebel Fitness Coach Certified, Menno Henselmans PT Qualification, Pre Script Level 1 Certified, J3 University, AWPT: Applied Woman’s Physiology, Kettlebell Instructor Level 1, Mac Nutrition University (current), Pre Script Performance Mechanics, The PT Project Certified


(Awards, Competitions-placements or titles, Sports-records or ranks)

Mens Amateur Bodybuilding Competitor