Owner, Director of Operations, Senior Coach

Karen Yuen

About Me

I have worked as a fitness coach for more than 6 years and have helped numerous clients achieve the results they wanted. Even though I specialize in body composition (fat loss & muscle building), what excites me the most is helping clients transform other aspects of their lives, i.e. health, mindset, and CONFIDENCE! I have particularly enjoyed working with female clients, applying knowledge I’ve acquired through training myself and more than 100 female clients from different parts of the world over the years; as well as continuously learning; however that does not mean I only training women, I have helped male clients achieve the results they were never able to acheive elsewhere too.

I am also one of the few IFBB Professional Bikini Athletes in Hong Kong. I love this sport as it gives me drive to always improve myself, and it offers me a platform to share my journery in order to inspire the others. My motto is : Not being where you want to be, should be enough motivation. Always remember your goals, and know that every little steps you take will eventually get you there.

Areas of Expertise / Specialties

  • Body Building
  • Glute Training
  • Women's Health
  • Muscle Building
  • Fat Loss
  • Reverse Dieting


  • Poliquin Personal Trainer Level 1
  • AWPT Womans Applied Physiology


(Awards, Competitions-placements or titles, Sports-records or ranks)

  • IFBB Professional Bikini Athlete
  • HIghest Placing among Hong Kong IFBB Professional Athletes in USA (Top 5)
  • Overall Champion Global Classic 2019 (Macau)