Marko Isip

About Me

Growing up, from kicking pads in Tae Kwon Do class as a kid, to being part of the primary & secondary school Basketball team, to joining a powerlifting competition, and even to this day, sports and physical activity has always been a part of me. Now as a dad, it’s my goal to making sure that I live a long & healthy life, in a physically & mentally strong body, and to do that I am committed to make sure that I live a healthy lifestyle by consistently walking the talk, and being a great example to those around me.

Areas of Expertise / Specialties

  • Body Composition
  • Strength Training



(Awards, Competitions-placements or titles, Sports-records or ranks)

  • 2nd Place (82.5KG) Powerlifting Competition - USAPL Judgement Day 2023